• Getting ready to dress up again?

    Getting ready to dress up again?

    As things are starting to open up, there is a new wave of anticipation settling in. Emotions are unraveling about what to buy and what experiences to look for. Finding the balance in the convenience of working from the living room and to getting ready for the glamour of being out and about in 2021 is becoming a new normal.
  • Happy International Women’s Day

    Happy International Women’s Day

    Today we are celebrating all the amazing women that are behind the Wenlin Studio project.
  • Playing dress up in a lockdown

    Playing dress up in a lockdown

    With a nationwide lockdown in place, going through your wardrobe and playing dress up can be a pure act of joy. Where do you go after being all shimmery and dressed up is another story!
  • Christmas Festivities: Wenlin Studio at Renegade London

    Christmas Festivities: Wenlin Studio at Renegade London

    Wenlin Studio was at booth 3 with many of our pouch bags sold out. The Gerbera Daisies, Moonlit Rose and Wild Leaves designs were the most popular of the show. The amazing crowd was conscious about the environment and very eager to know the story behind the embroideries. It was a fun-filled event where we made many new friends, equally enthusiastic about hand embroidery. 
  • Hand Embroidery

    Hand Embroidery

    The most widely practiced technique for hand embroidery in Punjab (Pakistan) is known as ‘Phulkari’ in the local language. This form of embroidery is traditionally used to decorate a garment, which can be a scarf or a shawl. Natural threads are used on coarse cotton fabric with folk patterns inspired by nature, birds and flowers being the most common elements. These garments used to...
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